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Crisis of Contemporary Theoretical Physics and the Truth in the Mirror of Dialectical Logic (The Unity Principle)

Authors: Peter Kohut
Comments: 80 Pages.

The TRUTH of our existence has not been detected by science so far. Why does theoretical physics know nothing about the essence of space, matter, energy and time? How can we come to the true knowledge about our existence? Let us look at the reason of critical situation in contemporary theoretical physics and show how critical logical thinking and reasoning can open the door to the truth. I am sure that fair people with open mind want to feel a fresh wind of strong logic leading to the knowledge of truth. A great desire of Man is to find a true meaning of our life and the essence of being. The reality looks like disintegrated into many different and independent spheres, but we feel intuitively that a great variety of existing forms should have a common basis. Many philosophers and scientists have correctly expressed the Unity Principle by the sentence: “Everything is connected to everything else”, but nobody has detected its essence. On the base of dialectical logic the Unity Principle is discovered showing not only the exact mechanism how the physical Universe works, but also the essence of consciousness and subsequently personal God representing the whole self-aware and self-creating reality of the highest complexity.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics

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Democratic Free Will in the Instant Entangled Multiverse.

Authors: Leo Vuyk
Comments: 19 Pages. 19

Benjamin Libet measured the so called electric Readiness Potential (RP) time to perform a volitional act, in the brains of his students and the time of conscious awareness (TCA) of that act, which appeared to come 500 m.sec behind the RP. The “volitional act” was in principle based on the free choice to press an electric bell button. The results of this experiment gives still an ongoing debate in the broad layers of the scientific community, because the results are still (also in recent experiments) in firm contrast with the expected idea of Free Will and causality. However in this essay I propose the absurd but constructive possibility that we are not alone for decision making in a multiverse as an individual person, but we seem to be entangled resulting in the possibility to initiate but also Veto an act which is even a base for Considering, Revolve, Meditate, or Ponder. Even Max Tegmark suggested already about the multiverse: “Is there a copy of you reading this article?” We could be instant entangled with at least one instant entangled anti-copy person living inside a Charge and Parity symmetric copy Universe. In that case we could construct a causal explanation for Libet’s strange results. New statistical difference research on RPI and RPII of repeated Libet experiments described here could support these ideas. Wikipedia says: “Democracy is a form of government in which all eligible citizens participate equally”. Free will in a multiverse seems to be based on: all entangled copy persons living in all CP symmetric copy universes, have the same possibility to Veto an act and participate equally.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics