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Quantum Interpretation of the Impedance Model

Authors: Michaele Suisse, Peter Cameron
Comments: Pages.

Quantum Interpretations try to explain emergence of the world we observe from formal quantum theory. Impedances govern the flow of energy, are helpful in such attempts. We include quantum impedances in comparisons of selected interpretations.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics

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Physical Reality and the Mathematical Laws a New Philosophical Approach

Authors: Jose P Koshy
Comments: 4 Pages. The first of a series of papers based on Reality

Is what we observe real? In this paper I argue that the physical world is as real as we feel – the term 'reality' is defined unambiguously. The domain of physics includes only real situations, whereas the domain of mathematics includes non-real situations also. So the role of mathematics (in the domain of physics) has to be clearly defined. Here I propose a new philosophical approach (to define the role of mathematics): the properties are physical, but the laws are mathematical.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics

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Official Physics VS. my Physics (Illiteracy in the Official Science)

Authors: Leonardo Rubino
Comments: 126 Pages.

WTC7 (World Trade Center 7), that is the third out of three buildings fallen on 9/11 in New York, is known to be the weak point (one out of many) of all science fiction official versions provided by the world of officiality on facts around 9/11. Here, we are going to treat many topics which confirm the existence of multiple weak points. Moreover, multiple are the situations in which the official science shows serious perplexities. Some of the situations just mentioned will be presented in this file. One point must be clear, since the beginning: as long as you do not want to suspect the official versions, provided by governments and courts, the physical interpretations and laws would have to be suspected. In the title we talk about illiteracy, even though we are here talking about something else, actually. Next time I’ll tell you what it really is…
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics

[1] viXra:1311.0035 [pdf] submitted on 2013-11-06 02:32:27

Return of Logos: Ontological Memory → Information → Time

Authors: Vladimir I. Rogozhin
Comments: 8 Pages. This Essay titled "It from Δ-Logit" participated in the Contest FQXi Essay 2013

Total ontological unification of matter at all levels of reality as a whole, its “grasp” of its dialectical structure, space dimensionality and structure of the language of nature – “house of Being” [1], gives the opportunity to see the “place” and to understand the nature of information as a phenomenon of Ontological (structural) Memory (OntoMemory), the measure of being of the whole, “the soul of matter”, qualitative quantity of the absolute forms of existence of matter (absolute states). “Information” and “time” are multivalent phenomena of Ontological Memory substantiating the essential unity of the world on the “horizontal” and “vertical”. Ontological constructing of dialectics of Logos self-motion, total unification of matter, “grasp” of the nature of information leads to the necessity of introducing a new unit of information showing the ideas of dialectical formation and generation of new structures and meanings, namely Delta-Logit (Δ-Logit), qualitative quantum-prototecton, fundamental organizing, absolute existential-extreme. The simplest mathematical symbol represents the dialectical microprocessor of the Nature. Ontological formula of John A. Wheeler «It from Bit» [2] is “grasped” as the first dialectic link in the chain of ontological formulas → “It from Δ-Logit” → “It from OntoMemory” → “It from Logos, Logos into It”. Ontological Memory - core, semantic attractor of the new conceptual structure of the world of the Information Age, which is based on Absolute generating structure («general framework structure»), the representant of onto-genetic code and algorithm of the Universe.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics