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Magnetism Falsifies Atomic Theory

Authors: Jeffrey Joseph Wolynski
Comments: 1 Page.

It can be shown that magnetism has falsified all atom and particle theories.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics

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Deterministic Entanglement Leads to Arrow of Time, Quantum Mechanics, Freewill and Origin of Information

Authors: Sylwester Kornowski
Comments: 5 Pages.

Here, applying the Scale-Symmetric Theory, we show that the quantum entanglement is deterministic but cannot be observed directly by detectors so in Quantum Mechanics (QM) there appear the probabilities and uncertainties. It is the reason that QM is the probabilistic theory. The transition from the classical equation of motion via the Poisson brackets to the commutators and equation of motion in the Heisenberg image suggests that the QM emerges from a classical and deterministic theory and that quantum behaviour is not a fundamental property of Nature. We described as well the Type-General-Relativity (Type-GR) basic arrow of time and the Type-Standard-Model (Type-SM) arrow of time - the difference causes that unification of GR and SM within the same methods is impossible. There are two different arrangements of spins of the Einstein-spacetime components which lead to electric charges and mental solitons. Freewill results from a war for dominance of different parts of the mental solitons - it looks as a few attractors (a few solutions) of a function (to the same problem). Global information is defined by the distribution of the free and bound non-gravitating tachyons all object in our Cosmos consist of and by the infinitesimal changes in their momentums and angular momentums.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics