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Fix Physics! Reverse Engineer Relativity, Quantum Mechanics and the Standard Model, Get Rid of Outdated Assumptions, Consolidate, and Reconstruct On New First Principles

Authors: Vladimir F. Tamari
Comments: 10 Pages. This essay was submitted to the FQXI Essay Contest "Questioning the Foundations: Which of Our Basic Physical Assumptions Are Wrong?" http://fqxi.org/community/forum/category/31418

A paradigm shift in physics is now overdue, Physics is founded on mismatched assumptions including three by Einstein such as the photon-as-particle, which has led to the assumption of the physical reality of quantum probability. Others such as a fixed speed of light and flexible spacetime need to be recast in a more physically realistic way. Physics is likened to a badly designed building that is hard to use, impossible to build on, and in danger of collapse in some sections. Seven foundational questions are discussed related to the 'stuff' making up the universe, the unreality of time, a variable speed of light in an ether, gravity warping spacetime, the photon as a particle, and the nature of a particle's wave field, the physical reality behind probability uncertainty and entanglement, and the Standard Model
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics

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On Communicating the Value of Basic Physics Research to the Public

Authors: Armin Nikkhah Shirazi
Comments: 8 Pages.

The Argument that basic scientific research is of value is a strong one, but may not be always communicated very well to the public. As a result, even though the public overwhelmingly supports science, it may not always support important basic physics research projects. This can have definite consequences on policy decisions, as happened when the superconducting supercollider was shut down after pouring 2 billion dollars into it. This article makes six recommendations, directed primarily at physicists, but also more generally applicable to all scientists, to help communicate the value of basic physics research to the public more effectively. Doing this is especially important now, as basic research budgets are facing ever increasing threats of budget cuts.
Category: History and Philosophy of Physics