High Energy Particle Physics

0904 Submissions

[1] viXra:0904.0006 [pdf] submitted on 24 Apr 2009

Koide Mass Equations for Hadrons

Authors: C. A. Brannen
Comments: recovered from sciprint.org

Koide's mass formula relates the masses of the charged leptons. It is related to the discrete Fourier transform. We analyze bound states of colored particles and show that they come in triplets also related by the discrete Fourier transform. Mutually unbiased bases are used in quantum information theory to generalize the Heisenberg uncertainty principle to finite Hilbert spaces. The simplest complete set of mutually unbiased bases is that of 2 dimensional Hilbert space. This set is compactly described using the Pauli SU(2) spin matrices. We propose that the six mutually unbiased basis states be used to represent the six color states R, G, B, R-bar, G-bar, and B-bar. Interactions between the colors are defined by the transition amplitudes between the corresponding Pauli spin states. We solve this model and show that we obtain two different results depending on the Berry-Pancharatnam (topological) phase that, in turn, depends on whether the states involved are singlets or doublets under SU(2). A postdiction of the lepton masses is not convincing, so we apply the same method to hadron excitations and find that their discrete Fourier transforms follow similar mass relations. We give 39 mass fits for 137 hadrons.
Category: High Energy Particle Physics