1907 Submissions

[2] viXra:1907.0329 [pdf] submitted on 2019-07-18 05:42:48

The Physics Behind Yellow Stone Volcano Eruption

Authors: B. Ravi Sankar
Comments: 5 Pages. 26-07 - 2026 is the judgement day. The Yellowstone volcano will erupt and the world will end. It is an apocalypse.

The physics behind any super volcano eruption is explained in this paper. It is to be noted that the physics behind the eruption is only explained here not the exact time of eruption. There exists a method called time series prediction in computer science algorithms and using modern day computers, one can predict the exact time of eruption provided the site earthquake/temperature/eruption history and which is beyond the scope of this paper. The spin velocity of earth at the equator is nowhere derived in the literature, but it is a measured quantity due to the spacecraft industry. In this paper, the spin velocity of earth at the equator is derived for the first time. The earth spin axis is tilted by 23.50 due to which we are having seasons. The tilted axis is not fixed or stationary. It precesses and makes a cone as viewed from north or south pole with a period of 26500 years. This precession is due to multi-body gravitational interaction in solar system which can be solved only numerically using modern day computers. Nutation is not considered in this paper. The precession of earth is opposite to the spin of of earth, due to which the earth de￾celerates. The deceleration is not a continuous function of time. It decelerates once in 26500 years. This deceleration causes energy to be accumulated beneath earth crust. An exact figure of how much energy the yellow stone volcano will erupt is given in joules. This ac￾cumulated energy erupts once in 26500 years and we call it as super volcano eruption. In the context of this paper it is yellow stone volcano located in USA. But geologists are claiming that a super volcano erupts only once in around 8 lakh years without proper scientific reasoning. Already due to global warming the yellow stone volcano had become active. The eruption can be prevented if we start producing food items like wheat,rice,apple etc. in factories. If we do that, farmlands can be planted with trees and hence a 20 centigrade reduction in temperature will prevent any volcano eruption. In order to produce crop items in factory, we need surplus of electric energy. This is possible if and only CERN achieves nuclear fusion reactions on a grand scale and also global scientist should come forward to work on pico-electronics to produce crops in factories. Otherwise it is going to be an apocalypse or doomsday/judgment day.
Category: Geophysics

[1] viXra:1907.0025 [pdf] submitted on 2019-07-01 09:24:40

The 3-rd Prognosis of Large Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions According Daily Indexes of Solar Activity

Authors: A.M.Eigenson, I.B.Bazylevych, M.S.Shevchenko
Comments: 1 Page.

Recently we have done two prognosis of earthquakes (EQ) and volcanic eruptions (VE) on daily indexes of solar activity [1,2]. Both these forecasting’s are just confirmed, and here we represent the next one. All these predictions have the basis in the investigation of the first as the authors [3,4]. These was shown that when solar activity curve begins go down, then in the vicinity of its minimum the EQ and VE occur with large probability. So, knowing the behavior of solar curve, one could make the corresponding prognosis. Our previous prognosis deals in the period of Spring 2019, and now we present the prediction for Summer, 2019. In Fig.1 we see that the evident minimum of W Number was on July, 27. So we prognose the new dangerous area would be between this date and July,11 (may be, even later). (Remark: earthquakes 6+ are noted as circle’s, earthquakes 7+ as ellipses)
Category: Geophysics