1806 Submissions

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Quake Tomato: Strange Electrical Signals from a Tomato Plant in Taiwan Five Days Before the 2008 Sichuan M8.0 Earthquake

Authors: Dyson Lin
Comments: 5 Pages. I fixed two English grammar errors. Now I think the paper is in its final form.

Five days before the 2008 Sichuan M8.0 Earthquake, I observed strange electrical signals from a tomato plant in Yilan, Taiwan. That opened my door to quake forecast. Since then, I observed electrical signals of plants, tofu, soil, water or air to predict earthquakes. I successfully predicted a lot of quakes. Now I have about 30 quake forecast stations all over the world. I will publish a series of papers for my discoveries in the past 10 years. This paper is the start of the series. I am Founder and CEO of Taiwan Quake Forecast Institute.
Category: Geophysics