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[1] viXra:1510.0328 [pdf] submitted on 2015-10-19 12:12:59

The Special Problems of Euclidean Geometry , and Relativity

Authors: Markos Georgallides
Comments: 67 Pages.

The Special Problems of E-geometry consist the Quantization Moulds of Euclidean Geometry in it , to become → The Basic monad , through mould of Space –Anti-space in itself , which is the material dipole in inner monad Structure as it is Electromagnetic cycloidal field → Linearly , through mould of Parallel Theorem , which are the equal distances between the points of parallel and line → In Plane , through mould of Squaring the circle , where the two equal and perpendicular monads consist a Plane acquiring the common Plane-meter → and in Space (volume) , through mould of the Duplication of the Cube , where any two Un-equal and perpendicular monads acquire the common Space-meter to be twice each other , as this in the analytical methods explained . The article consist also a provocation to all scarce today Geometers and to mathematicians in order to give an answer to this article and its content . All Geometrical solutions of the Old-age standing Unsolved Problems are now solved and are clearly Exposed , and reveal the pass-over-faults of Relativity .
Category: Geometry