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1901 Submissions

[2] viXra:1901.0060 [pdf] submitted on 2019-01-05 14:50:50

Geniuses and Idiots

Authors: A.I.Somsikov
Comments: 2 Pages. -

One example of the idiotic statement.
Category: Education and Didactics

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Confirmation of Caswell's 1952 "Significant Curriculum Issues" Using Mathematical Logic

Authors: Colin James III
Comments: 2 Pages. © Copyright 2016-2019 by Colin James III All rights reserved. Updated abstract at . Respond to the author by email at: info@ersatz-systems dot com.

From Caswell's seminal paper of 1952, we evaluate 11 significant curriculum issues, then group them into the arbitrary categories of: (1) Learner-Learned (p,q); (2) Accountability of school (r,s,t); (3) Unit of value (u,v,w); and (4) Identity of process (x,y,z). We do not assume weighting factors, so as to avoid AI networking issues. We evaluate the conjecture that (3) implies (2) implies (4) implies (1). The conjecture as rendered is confirmed as tautologous. Therefore Caswell's hypothesis is elevated to a theorem. What follows is that mathematical logic can be a useful approach to verify curriculum issues and extended in the field of education.
Category: Education and Didactics