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Use of Drama and Songs in Science Education.educational Play on Chemistry "Mendeleyev's Revelation.

Authors: R.D. Shmelkina.
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Use of Drama and Songs in Science Education. Educational Play on Chemistry “ Mendeleyev’s Revelation”. R.D. Shmelkina.(NYC. USA) Abstract. In order to increase productivity, motivation and effectiveness of science education we created the Program with use of drama and music (songs). It is a play “Mendeleyev’s Revelation” about discovery of the Periodic Law of chemical elements. This play starts a series of plays which contains school curriculum material in chemistry, biology and physics and was called “Interactive Science Discovery Theater –TM”. The presentation of the play was made in the NYC Public Library and implemented in the Brooklyn After School program with the students’ participation (elementary school, middle school and High School students). Also, it was published in the “Big Open World Magazine”. After analyzing the results of this new teaching method according to the students’ answers to the teachers’ questions it was turned out to be very successful. Many positive references were received from students, teachers and parents that confirmed the necessity of implementation of the “Interactive Science Discovery Theater” to science education. The article was published in the XV International Conference “Tends in the Development of Science and Education” (June, 2016).
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