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A Study of Quality in Primary Education Combined Disjoint Block Neutrosophic Cognitive Maps (CDBNCM)

Authors: A.Victor Devadoss, M. Clement Joe Anand, A. Joseph Bellarmin
Comments: 6 Pages.

Quality in primary education has been classified into five factors involving learners, content, processes, environment and outcomes. In this paper we analyzed, quality in primary education in Chennai and find out its solution using Neutrosophic cognitive maps (NCMS), which is the generalization of fuzzy cognitive maps (FCMS) defined by W.B. Vasantha Kandasamy and Florentine Smarandache. This paper has five sections. First section gives information about development of fuzzy cognitive maps and Neutrosophic cognitive maps. Second section gives the preliminaries of FCMS and NCMS. In section three, we give the description of the problem; final section gives the conclusion based on our study.
Category: Education and Didactics