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Remark on Seven Applications of Neutrosophic Logic: in Cultural Psychology, Economics Theorizing, Conflict Resolution, Philosophy of Science, Etc.

Authors: Victor Christianto, Florentin Smarandache
Comments: 12 Pages. This paper has been published by J, a multidisciplinary journal. Your comments are welcome

In this short communication, we review seven applications of NFL which we have explored in a number of papers: 1) Background: The purpose of this study is to review on how Neutrosophic Logic can be found useful in a number of diverse areas of interest; 2) Methods: we use logical analysis based on NL; 3) Results: Some fields of study may be found elevated after analyzed by NL theory; and 4) Conclusions: We can expect NL theory can be applied in many areas of research too, both in applied mathematics, economics, and also physics. Hopefully the readers will find a continuing line of thoughts in our research in the last few years.
Category: Economics and Finance

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The Bonus-Malus System Based on the Vehicle

Authors: Dimiter Dobrev
Comments: 13 Pages. Bulgarian language

Bulgaria is currently considering introducing a bonus-malus system. This system will be different from that introduced in other countries because it will not be based on the driver but on the vehicle. The proposal that is currently under discussion is definitely flawed for a number of reasons. Here we will offer a much simpler system that is fair and difficult to circumvent.
Category: Economics and Finance

[1] viXra:1811.0385 [pdf] submitted on 2018-11-25 04:59:22

Description of a Methodology from Econophysics as a Verification Technique for a Financial Strategy

Authors: Andrea Berdondini
Comments: 5 Pages.

ABSTRACT. In this article, I would like to draw attention to a method inspired by the analysis of stochastic models typical of quantum physics, and to utilise it to test a financial strategy. We start from the principal question asked by anyone involved in financial investments: Are the results obtained due to a correct interpretation of the market, or are they merely fortuitous? This is a plain question and it can be given an equally clear answer. The results obtained are due to a correct interpretation of the market if the probability of obtaining equal or better results randomly is very small (i.e. tends to zero as the number of times the strategy is used increases).
Category: Economics and Finance