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A Discrete Bass-Riccati Diffusion Model for Forecasting The Adoption of New Carsharing Services

Authors: Victor Christianto, Florentin Smarandache
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In recent years, there is rapid growth in the adoption of sharing economy as conceptual framework of digital innovations. The so-called sharing economy is likely to impact many areas of social life, not only hotel, travelling, and logistics, but also new transportation services including carsharing and ridesharing. Nonetheless, current travel demand models are unable to predict long-range trends in travel behavior as they do not entail a mechanism that projects membership and market share of new modes of transport (Uber, Lyft, Grab etc.) Following El Zarwi, Vij & Walker, in the present paper we will discuss the use of technology adoption model based on Bass-Riccati equation to forecast the future of carsharing as new transportation services. More researches are needed to verify our proposition.
Category: Economics and Finance