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[6] viXra:1602.0295 [pdf] submitted on 2016-02-23 04:41:01

Sustainable Economic Development Through Environmental Management Systems Implementation

Authors: Mădălina Giorgiana Mangra, Elena Antoanela Cotoc, Aurelia Trăistaru
Comments: 14 Pages.

Environmental Management protects valuable environmental assets, manages local areas on the most suitable way and develops relationships between people and the natural environment. Organizations are increasingly concerned to achieve and demonstrate environmental performance, controlling their activities, products or services on the environment. These issues are enrolled in the legislation context more and more stringent, of the development of economic policies and other measures designed to encourage environmental protection, increase business concern on environmental issues, including sustainable economic development. Thus, the complex systems of the integrated management (environmental, quality, security, energy) provide the circumstance for continuous improvement of industrial performance, including product quality and prevention and reducing environmental pollution. EMS implementation requires a thorough regard of some phases (stages) characteristic of the environmental analysis performed by an organization. The 19 stages of EMS implementation outline the steps that the organization follows to develop an effective environmental policy.
Category: Economics and Finance

[5] viXra:1602.0178 [pdf] submitted on 2016-02-15 12:23:52

Economics Crisis Loop. Redemption

Authors: Antip Poletaev
Comments: 5 Pages.

For those who are still in "tanks" we summarize the way of Redemption from Economics Crisis Loop.
Category: Economics and Finance

[4] viXra:1602.0173 [pdf] submitted on 2016-02-14 17:11:37

On Chumponomics

Authors: Funkenstein the Dwarf
Comments: 5 Pages. Previously published on

This article began with the title "Fiat economics". This however seemed like too much of an oxymoron to leave in place. "Fiat dynamics" was briefly the title as well. The subject is the diffusion of monetary tokens amongst participants in a monetary system. For etymology of the title see [1,2]. Here we derive fundamental equations for a diffusive monetary system but are stopped short of further progress or conclusions due to the nature of the monetary system in question.
Category: Economics and Finance

[3] viXra:1602.0172 [pdf] submitted on 2016-02-14 17:26:39

Woodcoin: Eine Elektronische Peer-to-Peer-Währung, Erschaffen Für Stabilität Und Langlebigkeit

Authors: Funkenstein the Dwarf, Kilian Kunst
Comments: 5 Pages. thank you!

Wir beschreiben hier die Überlegungen zum Design von Woodcoin, sowie dessen Implementierung, mit Fokus auf den Eigenschaften, welche Woodcoin von anderen Kryptowährungen abgrenzen. Ähnlich wie Bitcoin ist Woodcoin eine Kryptowährung. Jedoch ist Bitcoin so entworfen, dass es einer nicht erneuerbaren Ressource gleicht: Gold. Woodcoin hingegen gleicht eher einer nachhaltigen Ressource. Insbesondere verhindert Woodcoin zeitliche Asymmetrien welche bei Bitcoin durch seinen Schöpfungsmechanismus auftreten. Dadurch wird ein Anreiz zur Partizipation, geschaffen, sowie die Langlebigkeit von Woodcoin gewährleistet. Unsere Lösung basiert auf einem logarithmischen Wachstum der Geldmenge. Zusätzlich skizzieren wir die Gestaltungsüberlegungen hinter den beiden anderen Änderungen des Kernprotokolls: Mining mit der Skein-Hash-Funktion, sowie die Absicherung von digitalem Besitz mithilfe der X9_prime256v1 Kurve durch ECDSA.
Category: Economics and Finance

[2] viXra:1602.0125 [pdf] submitted on 2016-02-10 13:32:50

Building Information Society

Authors: Ivan Gudkov
Comments: 4 Pages.

We give the explanation how modern economics works in the reality. It is a circular economics that is rotating counter clock-wise direction pumping money-goods in order to squeeze more money. It is rotating because there is a delta in information known to someone who rotates it.
Category: Economics and Finance

[1] viXra:1602.0101 [pdf] submitted on 2016-02-09 02:55:37

Economical Crisis. Black and White Holes Approach

Authors: Nikolaj Sporysh
Comments: 3 Pages.

This paper shows another way in analyzing economical crisis utilizing existing theory from physics. The economics consists of number of players (people), environment (media, personal contacts, resources, money, land and etc) and some mechanisms (government, business, organizations and etc). Black hole is a player or mechanism that consumes more energy than gives and smashes players by increasing the environmental pressure P. White hole is a player or mechanism that gives more energy than consumes and never smashes any player. We prove that any Computer Company is a Black hole. We show why Economical crisis exists – there are Black holes and the number of rules in any organization grows.
Category: Economics and Finance