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[4] viXra:1310.0251 [pdf] submitted on 2013-10-28 19:27:34

A Dialogue on the Fed's Bailout During 2007-2010 and Possibility of Hyperinflation

Authors: Victor Christianto
Comments: 6 Pages. This paper has not been submitted or published in a journal. Comments and suggestions are welcome

The present paper consists of a dialogue with Jacky Mallett about the Fed's bailout during 2007-2010 and possibility of hyperinflation in the near future. According to the news (10/14/2013), a number of large investors have sold their stocks massively. See Perhaps we can agree with one thing from this news, that perhaps the Fed has printed too much money in recent years, so its full effect will take place in the form of massive hyperinflation. In other paper, we have reported that the Fed has issued no less than sixteen trillion of us dollars to several banks.
Category: Economics and Finance

[3] viXra:1310.0214 [pdf] submitted on 2013-10-24 17:43:42

Heureka Enhancing the European Reuse of Knowledge Arts

Authors: Giuseppe Laquidara, Marika Mazzi Boém, Margaret Colombani
Comments: 33 Pages.

HEUREKA will stimulate the best re-use of digital cultural, scientific and artistic resources coming from Europeana through a double-core environment. The first one, called Heureka Governance Network is based on a corpus of best practices and standards for the creation and the adoption of a unique High Quality Standard for the Cultural Heritage exploitation in the digital creative economy, spread out by networking bodies within the Consortium; the latter, called Heureka Experimental Hub, is a forge ecosystem where the creative industries (CCIs) could experiment the re-use of Europeana’s cultural resources for creative purposes through new models, applications and innovative services tailored for each cluster creative field. HEUREKA works: • Setting a High Quality Standard through best practices and case histories coming from the governance activities of the BPN: this will generate an inside networking system among the users and BPN itself, thanks to its social network system, spreading out the standards adoption. • Offering a technological environment for experimentation - perpetually linked to the rules coming from the Governance Network - provided with the most advanced modeling tools, high-tech methods, as well as systemic intelligence turning the test simple, creative and best-rules-driven. This will allow CCI’s inspiration stimulating new business development. As a result, HEUREKA will represent the ideal prosecution of the successful intentions in harvesting and dissemination actions as well as the concrete implementation of the inspiring ThoughtLab.
Category: Economics and Finance

[2] viXra:1310.0213 [pdf] submitted on 2013-10-24 17:45:36

Prometheus ̶ Promoting and Experimenting with Europeana Cultural Resources

Authors: Giuseppe Laquidara, Marika Mazzi Boém, Margaret Colombaniaaz
Comments: 48 Pages.

PROMETHEUS is a BPN submitted under the Obj. 2.1b, coordinated by CNR, Institute of the Archeological and Monumental Heritage. It is designed to facilitate/promote the use of Europeana by creative industries (CCIs) by participation, upskilling and delivering innovative sector specified mobile apps/web tools for experimentation. CCIs requires a proper knowledge on how to use Europeana contents as well as performing tools for design thinking and creative process. Mobile devices play a key role in this as well as in contributing to the rise of the “single digital market”. e activities will be delivered through: a) a challenging web environment, based on networking, allowing experimentation and competitiveness within the creative process; b) a physical network of open living labs (CREALabs) delivering mentorship services (licensing, business models, use cases) as well as setting f2f competitions for fund rising. is will turn the most disruptive ideas into real business; c) the Europeana “Be Creative Suite”, a powerful regulatory and experimental tool to support CCIs in business strategies, assessing market value, upskilling in licensing, creating products by re-using Europeana’s contents.
Category: Economics and Finance

[1] viXra:1310.0212 [pdf] submitted on 2013-10-24 17:47:22

TO ACTION, Towards Open Access Coordination Training InnovatiON

Authors: Giuseppe Laquidara, Marika Mazzi Boém, Margaret Colombani
Comments: 23 Pages.

Within the main goal of supporting an open access strategy in the European Research Area, the specific aim of the TO.ACTION project is to spread - among all the relevant stakeholders and agents in the knowledge circulation process -a culture of open access to scientific results generated by publicly funded research. The project relies on a circular mechanism that allows a continuous and dynamic updating of the training actions and contents, a mechanism able to persist even after the project completion. TO.ACTION will enable easier access to the research literature and may speed up the progress of science itself. The project will do so through initiatives that will raise awareness of OA among a range of other stakeholder groups who are essentially consumers (rather than producers) of OA information. These groups would benefit from a better understanding of the potential that OA represents for their respective goals and the skills needed to access and exploit OA outputs.
Category: Economics and Finance