Digital Signal Processing

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[6] viXra:1710.0320 [pdf] submitted on 2017-10-29 11:20:58

A Novel Suggestion on Informatics Framework of Smart Devices Involving Hardware,firmware,software & Communication Protocol/s Verification in the Context of Iot Based on e Theorem Prover.

Authors: N.T.Kumar, Thiago R, Sandro B, Vinicius R, Lisane V, Vanderlei P
Comments: 4 Pages. E Theorem Prover/Smart Devices/Hardware/Firmware/Software/Protocols/IoT

We present in this short communication - “E Theorem Prover and Verification of Smart Devices & Protocols Based on IoT Environments – A Novel Suggestion on Informatics Framework of Smart Devices involving Hardware,Firmware & Software Verification.”
Category: Digital Signal Processing

[5] viXra:1710.0210 [pdf] submitted on 2017-10-18 14:30:33

Importance of Manchester Coding Using Micro-Controllers/Related Data Processing Mechanisms – An Interesting Insight into Manchester Coding & Smart Watch Applications.

Authors: N.T.Kumar, Thiago R, Sandro B, Vinicius R, Lisane V, Vanderlei P
Comments: 4 Pages. Manchester Coding & Applications - SmartWatch Applications-SAML21

Smart Watches are modern devices involving cutting edge technologies in all aspects of working and communicating with the surrounding environments by detecting parameters and also providing a means to transmit the related data for further processing via Computers/Tablets/Smart Phones etc..We wish to highlight the importance of “Manchester Coding” in the context of Smart Watches based on Micro- controllers for example SAML21 Series from ATMEL.
Category: Digital Signal Processing

[4] viXra:1710.0178 [pdf] submitted on 2017-10-16 13:48:15

Gnuplantex: a Novel Free Software for Analyzing Texture and Color in Plants; Its Industrial Application.

Authors: Enrique Marcet Garcia
Comments: 22 Pages.

In many industrial applications where plants are used as raw material in the production process, is important to perform a proper phytosanitary and quality control. To perform these controls is possible by raw materials visual inspection, however, to analyze texture and color in plants would allow identifying/quantifying problems as: nutrient deficiencies; diseases (caused by fungi, bacteria, etc.), as well as to identify problems in industrial process. The aims of this paper are: (1) to develop free software (GPL) for texture analysis (GLCM), color measurement (CIELab) and color-difference calculation using CIEDE2000; (2) software application in the analysis of Moringa oleifera Lam leaves. For programming the software we used Perl and wxBasic languages. GNUplantex is easy-to-use software. It is available at:
Category: Digital Signal Processing

[3] viXra:1710.0128 [pdf] submitted on 2017-10-11 13:37:47

Higher Order Logic( HOL) Based Configuration & Verification of Smart Watches – A Short Communication & Novel Suggestion to Develop an Informatics Framework

Authors: N.T.Kumar, Thiago R, Sandro B, Vinicius R, Lisane V, Vanderlei P
Comments: 4 Pages. HOL/JVM/Circadian Systems/Smart Watches/Hardware Configuration&Verification

In this short communication we focused on Higher Order Logic(HOL) based configuration and verification of hardware in the java virtual machine environment(JVM) using HOL-Isabelle system. Smart Watches are fast becoming excellent information processing devices to monitor health.Hence we wish to communicate our idea in the context of circadian systems and informatics applications
Category: Digital Signal Processing

[2] viXra:1710.0116 [pdf] submitted on 2017-10-11 03:59:19

Advanced Bio-Inspired Computing

Authors: George Rajna
Comments: 42 Pages.

By finding materials that act in ways similar to the mechanisms that biology uses to retain and process information, scientists hope to find clues to help us build smarter computers. [25] Scientists have made a crucial step towards unlocking the "holy grail" of computing-microchips that mimic the way the human brain works to store and process information. [24] Considerable interest in new single-photon detector technologies has been scaling in this past decade. [23] Engineers develop key mathematical formula for driving quantum experiments. [22] Physicists are developing quantum simulators, to help solve problems that are beyond the reach of conventional computers. [21] Engineers at Australia's University of New South Wales have invented a radical new architecture for quantum computing, based on novel 'flip-flop qubits', that promises to make the large-scale manufacture of quantum chips dramatically cheaper-and easier-than thought possible. [20] A team of researchers from the U.S. and Italy has built a quantum memory device that is approximately 1000 times smaller than similar devices— small enough to install on a chip. [19] The cutting edge of data storage research is working at the level of individual atoms and molecules, representing the ultimate limit of technological miniaturisation. [18] This is an important clue for our theoretical understanding of optically controlled magnetic data storage media. [17] A crystalline material that changes shape in response to light could form the heart of novel light-activated devices. [16] Now a team of Penn State electrical engineers have a way to simultaneously control diverse optical properties of dielectric waveguides by using a two-layer coating, each layer with a near zero thickness and weight. [15]
Category: Digital Signal Processing

[1] viXra:1710.0005 [pdf] submitted on 2017-10-01 05:56:15

Driverless Devices

Authors: Domenico Oricchio
Comments: 1 Page.

A hypothetical method to connect any future device to any operating system without drivers
Category: Digital Signal Processing