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Silicon Based Ball Lightning Globule Structures and Signs for Accumulation and Retarded Decrease of Tunneling Energy Bullets.

Authors: Leo Vuyk
Comments: 14 Pages. 14

Recently performed Silicon based Ball Lightning experiments done by two different laboratories have both produced rest products in the form of Silicon globules, both with unusual complex internal and external structures. These Silicon globule structures show strong differences with normal Silicon matter, which was reason to compare these complexities in detail and make suggestions for future research. One of the clear phenomena is, that all globules show internal traces of evaporating tunnelling energy bullets, which according to Quantum FFF theory is supposed to be a first sign of Quantum Knots in the form of micro-black holes or Ball Lightning. According to Quantum FFF Theory, Black holes are the origin of so called universal dark matter phenomena. As a consequence the tunnelling energy bullets are also a first sign of microscopic Dark Matter in the Lab.
Category: Condensed Matter

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Fluid Mechanic Revealed

Authors: Nasir Germain
Comments: 1 Page.

Nasir Germain summarizes fluid mechanics in a quick paper
Category: Condensed Matter