Condensed Matter

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[1] viXra:1206.0105 [pdf] submitted on 2012-06-29 09:00:58

From Maxwell's Displacement Current to Superconducting Current

Authors: X. Q. Huang
Comments: 6 Pages.

We investigate the nature of the superconducting current from the Maxwell's displacement current. We argue that the conduction current density term of the Maxwell's equations is physically untrue, and it should be eliminated from the equations. Essentially, both the superconducting current and conduction current are originated from the Maxwell's displacement current characterizing the changes of electric field with time or space. Therefore, there are no electrons tunnel through the insulating layer of the Josephson junction. It is shown that the conventional static magnetic field is, in fact, the static electric field of the intrinsic electron-ion electric dipoles in the materials. The new paradigm naturally leads to unification of magnetic and electrical phenomena, while at the same time realizing the perfect symmetry of the Maxwell's equations. Moreover, it is well confirmed that the Dirac's magnetic monopole is indeed the well-known electron. This research is expected to shed light on the high-temperature superconductivity.
Category: Condensed Matter