Condensed Matter

0912 Submissions

[1] viXra:0912.0038 [pdf] replaced on 23 Jun 2011

Proposing a New Structure to the Electromagnetic Wave a New Solution to the Maxwell's Equations in Vacuum

Authors: V.A.Induchoodan Menon
Comments: 10 Pages.

The author shows that the Maxwell's equations in vacuum have solutions which have helical structure in space while being circularly polarized at the same time. This goes against the universally accepted solutions which treat the electromagnetic wave as sinusoidal wave propagating along a linear path. He shows that the helical wave structure assumes that the fundamental state of the electromagnetic wave is the circularly polarized state and not the linearly polarized state. Since the photon is theorized to exist in a circularly polarized state, the proposed new solution is consistent with that picture. The author proposes a simple experiment using a maser to confirm the veracity of the proposed helical structure.
Category: Condensed Matter