Combinatorics and Graph Theory

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[2] viXra:1311.0117 [pdf] submitted on 2013-11-17 05:07:57

The Innovation Game Theory

Authors: Adefokun Tomiwa Michael, Adefokun Tayo Charles
Comments: 4 Pages.

The Innovation Game Theory (IGT) is designed to help businesses, organizations and communities in formulating an approach to their innovation activities in the form of scientific game. As such, leaders, growth managers, theorists, inventors, innovators and consumers visualize the process of overcoming challenges their businesses or communities face (known or unknown) as though it is a game where all strategic actions and resources involved in tackling the challenges are expressed in terms of quantifiable values which are ultimately tied to certain competitive reward mechanisms.
Category: Combinatorics and Graph Theory

[1] viXra:1311.0044 [pdf] submitted on 2013-11-06 09:31:14

A New Calculus on the Ring of Symmetric Functions and Its Applications

Authors: Yusuke Iwahashi
Comments: 7 Pages.

This paper develops a new calculus on the ring of symmetric functions and introduces its application. In the last of this paper, the author describes a new general method to expand any symmetric function in terms of a basis in the ring of symmetric functions. For application of it, the author also mentions a general way to evaluate the transition matrix between any two bases in the ring of symmetric functions.
Category: Combinatorics and Graph Theory