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Has Global Cooling Taken Place Now Instead of Global Warming?

Authors: Victor Christianto
Comments: 7 Pages. This paper is uploaded here in order to stimulate further discussion, it is not conclusive. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

This file is summary of discussion in concerning global warming. In January 7th, 2014 I saw a news in television that says in U.S.A. the temperature in many regions go down as low as minus 51 degree Celsius, and the bad weather has caused about 2,500 flights have been cancelled. I don,t know whether such bad weather also happens in europe, russia, and other countries. My question is: does it mean that what happens in the world nowadays is global cooling rather than global warming? For an introduction to global cooling, see an article by Frum at I have also read some articles by Dr. Hathaway who says that global cooling is caused by low solar activity in recent years.
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