Classical Physics

1907 Submissions

[13] viXra:1907.0606 [pdf] submitted on 2019-07-30 21:44:08

Diffraction Experiment Demonstrates Photon's Path

Authors: John Hodge
Comments: 4 Pages.

Wave models of light suggest the waves from a slit expand like a fan and interfere with other waves through the slit. A photon model of light with a computer simulation suggests the photons through a slit cross to the other side of centerline to reach the screen. A diffraction experiment is performed with a light filter that reduces the intensity of light on one side of a slit. This experiment demonstrates that the reduced intensity caused by the filter appears on the side of the image opposite to the side with the filter. Therefore, the crossing pattern predicted by a photon computer simulation is supported and the traditional wave models are rejected.
Category: Classical Physics

[12] viXra:1907.0594 [pdf] submitted on 2019-07-31 05:46:16

Perpetuum Mobile - Vimana Core

Authors: Walter Victor Fuego
Comments: 1 Page.

Your world is a lie: it's all of them. It's a reality few can see. Seek the Truth
Category: Classical Physics

[11] viXra:1907.0560 [pdf] submitted on 2019-07-28 11:20:42

A Hypothesis in Electrostatic Phenomenon

Authors: Yahya Awad Sharif Mohammed
Comments: 2 Pages. Author's Email :

This article aims to define electrostatic phenomenon being related to space-time curvature
Category: Classical Physics

[10] viXra:1907.0549 [pdf] replaced on 2019-08-21 08:41:01

Emergent Cosmological Constant from a Holographic Mass/Energy Distribution

Authors: Ankur S. Bhatt, F.M. Becker
Comments: 13 Pages.

A new methodology is introduced suggesting that an exact cosmological constant is theoretically and numerically derived and described as the squared ratio of Planck length and the particle horizon radius. Additionally, equations relating the sterile neutrino mass, Planck mass and mass of the universe are established. Furthermore, the mass of the universe can be derived as encoded information located on the cosmic horizon. Finally, a relationship of the Hubble radius and comoving radius is reviewed. This hypothesis is tested for convergence for an overall flat curvature using the Friedmann equations.
Category: Classical Physics

[9] viXra:1907.0540 [pdf] submitted on 2019-07-28 02:51:47

Gravity the Golden Ratio and Biconical Radiating Structures

Authors: Frank H. Makinson
Comments: 5 Pages.

The contemporary theory of gravity ignores the presence of the Golden Ratio that is in the structure of atoms, spiral galaxies, our DNA, and many biological forms. There is a lack of convention on how golden ratio plant spirals are described. The difficulty in identifying the mechanism that causes gravity is compounded by not challenging century old theories that were accepted when information about electromagnetic waves and their interaction with particles and plasma were incomplete. Theories concerning electromagnetic waves are being taught without mentioning contemporary research findings, which can influence consideration whether gravity is related to the electromagnetic phenomenon.
Category: Classical Physics

[8] viXra:1907.0449 [pdf] submitted on 2019-07-23 08:48:04

The Classical Double Slit Interference Experiment: A New Geometrical Approach

Authors: Joseph Ivin Thomas
Comments: 9 Pages. Published in American Journal of Optics and Photonics

The double slit experiment was first conceived of by the English physician-physicist Thomas Young in 1801. It was the first demonstrative proof that light possesses a wave nature. In this experiment, light is made to pass through two very narrow slits that are spaced closely apart and a screen placed on the other side captures a pattern of alternating bright and dark stripes called fringes, formed as a result of the interference of ripples of light emanating from either slit. The relative positions and intensities of the fringes on the screen can be calculated by employing two assumptions that help simplify the geometry of the slit-screen arrangement. Firstly, the screen to slit distance is taken to be larger than the inter-slit distance (far field limit) and secondly, the inter-slit distance is taken to be larger than the wavelength of light. This conventional approach can account for the positions and intensities of the fringes located in the central portion of the screen with a fair degree of precision. It however, fails to account for those fringes located in the peripheral portions of the screen and also, is not applicable to the case wherein the screen to slit distance is made comparable to the inter-slit distance (near field limit). In this paper, the original analysis of Young’s Experiment is reformulated using an analytically derived hyperbola equation, which is formed from the locus of the points of intersections of two uniformly expanding circular wavefronts of light that emanate from either slit source. Additionally, the shape of the screen used to capture the interference pattern is varied (linear, semicircular, semielliptical) and the relative positions of the fringes is calculated for each case. This new approach bears the distinctive advantage that it is applicable in both the far field and the near field scenarios, and since no assumptions are made beyond the Huygens-Fresnel principle, it is therefore, a much more generalized approach. For these reasons, the author suggests that the new analysis ought to be introduced into the Wave Optics chapter of the undergraduate Physics curriculum.
Category: Classical Physics

[7] viXra:1907.0405 [pdf] submitted on 2019-07-21 08:42:45

Technische Anwendungen Zur Umwandlung Der Rotationsenergie Der Erde in Elektrische Energie in Theorie Und Praxis 16., Aktualisierte Auflage

Authors: Robert Stach
Comments: 17 Pages.

Aufgezeigt werden Möglichkeiten zur Umwandlung der Rotationsenergie der Erde in elektrische Energie.
Category: Classical Physics

[6] viXra:1907.0396 [pdf] submitted on 2019-07-22 06:06:37

High-Energy Independent Plasmoids\\ Высокоэнергетические автономные плазмоиды

Authors: Gennady Rudominsky
Comments: 20 Pages.

The hypothesis of existence of electrodynamic systems with high density of the energy, explaining a natural phenomenon of a ball lightning is presented. Effects of calculation of three variants of an equilibrium state of model of a high-energy independent plasmoid are given. The description of requirements of occurrence and the basic properties is given. Other views of a ball lightning are is short viewed.\\ Представлена гипотеза существования электродинамических систем с высокой плотностью энергии, объясняющая природный феномен шаровой молнии. Приведены результаты расчета трех вариантов равновесного состояния модели высокоэнергетического автономного плазмоида. Дано описание условий возникновения и основных свойств. Кратко рассмотрены другие виды шаровой молнии
Category: Classical Physics

[5] viXra:1907.0341 [pdf] submitted on 2019-07-17 10:22:50

The Mystery of Nature Discovered

Authors: Bogdan Szenkaryk "Pinopa"
Comments: 8 Pages.

The article presents the discovery of an error in physics, which has been for over two hundred years passed on to next generations as an irrefutable truth. This error concerns the law of conservation of energy.
Category: Classical Physics

[4] viXra:1907.0211 [pdf] submitted on 2019-07-12 10:54:28

The Mystery of Nature is Revealed/Открыта тайна природы

Authors: Bogdan Szenkaryk "Pinopa"
Comments: 8 Pages.

The article presents the discovery of an error in physics, which for over two hundred years has been passed on to the next generation as an inviolable truth. This error concerns the law of conservation of energy./В статье представлено открытие ошибки в физике, которая свыше двухсот лет передается следующим поколениям как ненарушаемая истина. Эта ошибка касается закона сохранения энергии.
Category: Classical Physics

[3] viXra:1907.0183 [pdf] submitted on 2019-07-12 07:42:41

Nature of Photon

Authors: Ilgaitis Prūsis, Peteris Prūsis
Comments: 6 pages, 1 figure

It is well known that the photon is only a quanta of electromagnetic radiation. However, there are many myths around the photon in contemporary physics, for example, the photon loses energy when traveling through space. The article explains the basic features of the photon, such as wave-particle duality, the relation between a continuous electromagnetic wave and a quanta, the interaction of electric and magnetic fields, space of photon, speed of light.
Category: Classical Physics

[2] viXra:1907.0167 [pdf] replaced on 2019-08-29 02:43:35

Fundamental Solution of the Turbulence Problem Avoiding Hypotheses

Authors: Rolf Warnemünde
Comments: 122 Pages. corrected formula-typing-errors

Locality, natural causality and deterministics are the fundamental principles of this treatise. A dense fluctuating point set with unique linking to physical movements facilitates the setting up of partial differential equations. So a clear definition of a turbulent fluid is established. Stochasticity in the sense of an ensemble theory is considered by distributions of motion quantities of an unlimited number of parallelly existent deterministic systems. First, particle transport equations of 1. Brownian motion as molecular self diffusion, 2. Stochastic transport by longitudinal fluctuations of a continuum, 3. Stochastic transport by turbulent continuum-fluctuations are developed. So Transition probabilities of moving quantities are evolved. The connection of deterministics and stochastics in the sense of an ensemble theory enables a complete deterministic turbulence equation set. The result is pure geometrodynamics of turbulence on one side and pure geometrodynamics of deformation on the other side. At the end, the incorrectness of the known equation set of laminar fluiddynamics for turbulence problems is discussed.
Category: Classical Physics

[1] viXra:1907.0132 [pdf] submitted on 2019-07-08 18:39:19

Mercury's Orbital Anomaly And Electromagnetic Waves

Authors: Frank Makinson
Comments: 3 Pages.

It was noted about 200 years ago that there was an unexplained anomaly in Mercury's orbit. Astronomers could not account for an about 43 arcsecond difference in its orbit. What is not noted today is what was not known 200 years ago or even a little more than 100 years ago when conclusions were accepted about what causes the anomaly. The term plasma, as applied to one of the states of matter, was defined in the 1920s. The term plasma was applied to the Sun in just the last century and how electromagnetic waves of various frequencies are influenced by plasma concentrations is ongoing research. Snell's law can to applied to any substance that allows and influences the propagation of electromagnetic waves. A century ago, there were astronomers and scientists that made conclusions based upon Mercury's orbit anomaly that knew nothing about how plasmas influence the propagation of electromagnetic waves. Einstein heads the list.
Category: Classical Physics