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Authors: Nainan K. Varghese
Comments: 9 Pages. Originally published in General Science Journal

Inertia is a property that causes macro bodies to respond sluggishly to external efforts. Since no other entity that can prevent instantaneous action by external efforts on a free macro body or maintain its constant state of motion is known, phenomenon of inertia is usually attributed to matter itself, in negative sense. 3D matter is inert; it has no ability to move, act or oppose external efforts. Property of inertia rightly belongs to universal medium, whose action moves 3D matter-bodies. Property of inertia is due to latticework-structures in universal medium. Only when mechanism of action of external effort and mechanism of motion of 3D matter-bodies, as envisaged in the book ‘MATTER (Re-examined)’, are understood, nature of inertia will be clear.
Category: Classical Physics