Classical Physics

1004 Submissions

[6] viXra:1004.0127 [pdf] submitted on 28 Apr 2010

How Acoustic Resonance Can Reduce the Average Velocity in a Falling Body?

Authors: V. Torres-Zúñiga
Comments: 9 pages, figures in color. Manuscript to be submitted to Revista de la Sociedad Mexicana de Física E

In this article, a simple experiment is described for correcting the misconception that acoustic pressure and levitation effects are hard to observe in school laboratories. Analysis of the free fall velocity of a toy parachute within a vertical tube, driven by sound in a range of frequencies around the resonant condition, exhibits the resonance frequency, the node pressure zones, and the optimal conditions to obtain acoustical levitation of a light body.
Category: Classical Physics

[5] viXra:1004.0047 [pdf] replaced on 6 Jun 2010

Transformation of the Compton Effect and Fundamentals About Electromagnetism

Authors: Arman.V.zadeh
Comments: 33 pages

In this article we want to say about the Compton Effect and the Zeeman Effect. (Both of them are almost one effect (in the fundament and with considering just the refraction proposition of them). We know both of them are about the electromagnetism waves (the waves) and some special properties of them. For example the Zeeman effect is about the refraction of the magnetic fields (or the other made fields by that) of the electromagnetism waves since we put the source of that near the source of the magnetic or electrical field (we'll see the breaking or refraction of the wave) and this proposition is possible that the wave refracts to some part for example two or three part but we should remember that these effects (Zeeman, Compton) aren't just for the light(the electromagnetism type) and of course these proposition are less about the light (and some part of the light like the x-ray or β-ray or γ-ray or ...) But it can't be impossible that these effects be correct also about the light. Of course the Compton Effect is depending on the angle θ with coefficient (1 - cosθ). Now we want to justify that. We can say; if we want to consider the thing's (or waves or the atoms or...) properties we can consider the moving of them and we say that when an electron or another thing is turning around the nucleus quickly we'll take a special force that caused it, and now during the moving or after the moving we can get a special force and we can with this subject say the reason of many effects and now we try to justify simply with this method. For the first time this proposition is so easy but we can take this easy proposition as a principle of our discussion.
Category: Classical Physics

[4] viXra:1004.0012 [pdf] submitted on 2 Apr 2010


Authors: Arman.V.zadeh
Comments: 10 pages

In this article we want to say about the gravity between the atoms to the new and special way. We know that the atom and the gravity between them are stable by moving the electron on the circuits around the nucleus(from the past articles) and know in this article we want to point to some interesting and new methods (at the new theory) to explain the events happened between the atoms and some materials in the gravity system. For this calculate some equation about the gravity.
Category: Classical Physics

[3] viXra:1004.0011 [pdf] submitted on 2 Apr 2010

Measurement of One-Way Speed of Light

Authors: Emil D. Gigov
Comments: 4 pages

Wave theory of light was tested by the Michelson's interferometer, whereas Newtonian corpuscular theory can be tested with the new interferometer, which can show whether the speed of light in empty space is variable during Doppler effect. Such measurement is possible due to the effect of Fizeau.
Category: Classical Physics

[2] viXra:1004.0002 [pdf] submitted on 1 Apr 2010


Authors: Arman.V.zadeh
Comments: 9 pages

In this article we want to consider the polarization for matters and atoms. We know that if a special ray go down to the surface of a transparent matter and if it was not polarized when it beats to the transparent matter like glass and water it will reflex to polarized way (of course it be in a special angle from water to the ray or from ray to perpendicular line to the water. Now we want to say the reason of that which why effect this event. We know that the special angle is different for different matters like glass or water or... and that's because which the (n) or refracture index for different matters is different and we easily can get the special number for different matters but to this way that we should get the angle between the refracted ray and reflected way to 90o and this subject that why we should take the angle to 90o is a experiment number. So we can get the angle with the Snell law and Brewster law. And in this article we want to consider that why the angle should be 90o (to theory way).
Category: Classical Physics

[1] viXra:1004.0001 [pdf] submitted on 1 Apr 2010


Authors: Arman.V.zadeh
Comments: 7 pages

This article is about the magnetism particular's of matters and here we try to say easily the magnetism effects of matters in the small system like atom also we try to say the magnetism field with the electrical field.
Category: Classical Physics