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[3] viXra:1511.0093 [pdf] submitted on 2015-11-11 09:40:30

Investigation of Different Washing Effects on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Cotton Knitted Garments

Authors: Solaiman, Abdur Rouf, Shamsuzzaman Rasel, Elias Khalil
Comments: 9 Pages.

This paper deals with three types of washing (enzyme, softener, Silicone) effects on 100% cotton Single Jersey T-shirt, Slub Single Jersey T-shirt, Double Lacoste (5% Lycra) Polo shirt, Single jersey CVC (T-shirt) and PC single Jersey (T-shirt). Typical industrial washing procedures and techniques were followed and then physico-mechanical properties were analyzed under standard condition. It is observed that after washing, weight of each garments has increased from 5% to 36%; stitch length of the constituted fabric has decreased from 1% to 10% approximately; CPI has increased 23% for CVC fabric only for enzyme treatment and for other process it has a little bit or no wash effects. Same effects found for WPI except 100% cotton and Double Lacoste. Shrinkage property both for lengthwise and widthwise remains the same except CVC and Double Lacoste knitted garments and spirality has almost unchanged except 100% cotton and slub fabric. Both the dry and wet rubbing properties have improved after any types of wash except 100% cotton on Silicone wash. Water absorbency property has increased; pH of all the samples is under controlled and lies between 4.5 and 5.0. But there is no significant change of colorfastness to wash and stain after these washing treatments.
Category: Chemistry

[2] viXra:1511.0011 [pdf] submitted on 2015-11-02 04:40:55

Classical Thermodynamics: A Web of Convoluted Myths. The Carnot Cycle and the Joule-Thomson Effect Unravelled

Authors: Sosale Chandrasekhar
Comments: 15 Pages.

It is argued that several key ideas upon which thermodynamics was founded are likely dubious and may well need to be abandoned altogether. This particularly applies to certain concepts based on the ideal gas laws, e.g. isothermal and adiabatic expansion and compression. Indeed, this is apparently the reason for the invalidity of the Carnot cycle, a cornerstone of thermodynamics that has widely influenced the evolution of scientific thought and technological innovation over nearly two centuries. (It has been previously argued that the Carnot cycle is self-evidently invalid, as a closed system operating in a cycle cannot yield net work.) Likewise, a re-evaluation of the Joule-Thomson effect indicates that the actual operations performed relate neither to the model employed nor to the derived theoretical construct. In fact, the proof of constant enthalpy during the adiabatic expansion is debatable, the calculated volume changes being invalidated by the accompanying transfer of mass. Thus, the imputed conversion of kinetic to potential energy is unlikely to be valid (the latter, in fact, being associated with higher – rather than lower – pressures). The Joule-Thomson effect is likely the result of simple pressure changes (including a possible Bernoulli Effect at the nozzle), along with mass changes which affect the energy density, akin to those found at high altitudes (‘hill-station effect’).
Category: Chemistry

[1] viXra:1511.0008 [pdf] submitted on 2015-11-01 19:08:30

Challenging Science

Authors: Joel M WIlliams
Comments: 2 Pages.

The author is releasing his book "Challenging Science" as a free, down-loadable, pdf file. The book covers many of his thoughts and research papers in chemistry and physics from the time of his retirement in 1993 to its publication in 2005. The small, 2-page, pdf file in this submission presents the reader with the Table of Contents and the Introduction section of the book. The reader is provided with a link to the author's website where many of the topics in the book are updated and where a link to download the 18Mb pdf file of the full-copy of the book for free is available.
Category: Chemistry