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Causal Attribution, Perceived Benefits and Morbidity After a Heart Attack: Modification of a New Medicine and Detection Communicational Smart System

Authors: Ahmed E. Gado, Abdel-Rahman M. Mousa, Mohamed A. Hussein
Comments: 6 Pages.

The beat was stifled in a state of trauma; the flow was snarled in a narrow tube; and the heart was completely dysfunctional. Until that moment, 1.6 million people in Egypt were suffering from heart diseases. Trying to raise our level of consciousness and visualize that problem from various perspectives, we came up with the solution. Firstly, leave the room to explain the problem itself. Clearly, we tried to perceive communication by considering the molecular interactions in the vital biological activities. Indeed, heart disorders have become an exacerbating grand challenge for Egypt. According to the Fig.1, heart disorders represents 51.75% of the notable disorders in Egypt .One of the predominant heart diseases is heart attack. The danger of the disorder underlies in the ensuing strokes and the total dysfunction of lungs. As enacted by the GMC, the death toll emanated from heart attack has reached 25% and the odds are increasingly hiking. Furthermore, 40% of the total deaths by the disease took place due to the considerable delay time till an effective treatment. All these facts triggered our minds to establish their own solution that will destroy such tragedies. Goring through the project, you will find how we could implement our test plan to prove our scientific hypothesis, and test the design requirements associated with it in order to obtain a reasonable bunch of findings. By setting the tests, we proved the rightness of the hypothesis, measured the accuracy and the different factors affecting it. As a result, we managed to exploit ECG readings to detect heart attack before erupting by error percent of 7.1%, provide a reasonable heart status for the patient, and even maintain their heart function in 67 seconds using intravenous oxygen. In addition, we have utilized the drugs verapamil and nifedipine to vasodilate the coronary artery as a treatment. Simply, we have emancipated the previous chocked flow to fix its stifled state!
Category: Biochemistry