[4] viXra:1707.0246 submitted on 2017-07-18 08:02:22, (59 unique-IP downloads)

Neutrosophic Crisp Mathematical Morphology

Authors: Eman.M.El-Nakeeb, Hewayda ElGhawalby, A.A.Salama, S.A.El-Hafeez
Category: Functions and Analysis

[3] viXra:1701.0081 submitted on 2017-01-03 10:20:43, (27 unique-IP downloads)

Foundation For Neutrosophic Mathematical Morphology

Authors: E.M.El-Nakeeb, Hewayda El Ghawalby, A.A.Salama, S.A.El-Hafeez
Category: General Mathematics

[2] viXra:1611.0324 submitted on 2016-11-24 02:58:02, (59 unique-IP downloads)

Foundation for Neutrosophic Mathematical Morphology

Authors: Eman.m.el-Nakeeb, H. Elghawalby, A.a.salama, S.a.el-Hafeez
Category: Combinatorics and Graph Theory

[1] viXra:1602.0349 submitted on 2016-02-27 10:52:47, (63 unique-IP downloads)

Social Networks Based e-Learning Systems Via Review of Recommender Systems Techniques

Authors: A. A. Salama, M.M.Eisa, S.A.EL-Hafeez, M.M. Lotfy
Category: Data Structures and Algorithms