Ricardo Gobato

[9] viXra:1705.0353 submitted on 2017-05-24 07:25:20, (4 unique-IP downloads)

Alternative Method of RGB Channel Spectroscopy Using a CCD Reader

Authors: Ricardo Gobato, Manuel Simões Filho
Category: Condensed Matter

[8] viXra:1701.0654 submitted on 2017-01-28 13:52:43, (6 unique-IP downloads)

Estudo Computacional do Phenalenyl (Computational Study of Phenalenyl)

Authors: Ricardo Gobato, Marilene Turini Piccinato, Eduardo Di Mauro, André Tsutomu Ota, M. F. Costa
Category: Condensed Matter

[7] viXra:1701.0603 submitted on 2017-01-23 21:19:17, (18 unique-IP downloads)

Study of the Molecular Geometry of Caramboxin Toxin Found in Star Flower (Averrhoa Carambola L.)

Authors: Ricardo Gobato
Category: Condensed Matter

[6] viXra:1701.0490 submitted on 2017-01-14 08:36:16, (9 unique-IP downloads)

Viscosidade Anisotrópica Dos Cristais Líquidos (Anisotropic Viscosity of Liquid Crystals)

Authors: Manuel Simões F., Ricardo Gobato
Category: Condensed Matter

[5] viXra:1701.0489 submitted on 2017-01-14 08:44:58, (2 unique-IP downloads)

Avrocar: um Verdadeiro Disco Voador

Authors: Desire Francine Gobato, Ricardo Gobato, Jonas Liasch
Category: General Science and Philosophy

[4] viXra:1701.0337 submitted on 2017-01-09 12:02:34, (14 unique-IP downloads)

AVRO: Real Flying Saucer

Authors: Desire Francine Gobato, Ricardo Gobato
Category: General Mathematics

[3] viXra:1701.0336 submitted on 2017-01-09 12:13:24, (6 unique-IP downloads)

Teoria de Voo de Alta Velocidade

Authors: Desire Francine Gobato Fedrigo, Ricardo Gobato
Category: Classical Physics

[2] viXra:1701.0334 submitted on 2017-01-08 18:10:20, (11 unique-IP downloads)

Matter and Energy in a Non-Relativistic Approach Amongst the Mustard Seed and the ”faith”. a Metaphysical Conclusion

Authors: Ricardo Gobato
Category: General Science and Philosophy

[1] viXra:1701.0321 submitted on 2017-01-07 12:02:26, (7 unique-IP downloads)

Estudo da Química e Farmacologia da Argemone Mexicana L. no Tratamento da Malária e Combate ao Aedes Aegypti

Authors: Ricardo Gobato, Alekssander Gobato, Desire Francine G. Fedrigo
Category: Physics of Biology