R. Ortega-Martínez

[2] viXra:1004.0082 submitted on 16 Apr 2010, (466 unique-IP downloads)

Morphology, Linear and Nonlinear Optical Response of Octopolar Chromophores Embedded in a Silica Sonogel Matrix

Authors: V. Torres-Zúñiga, O.G. Morales-Saavedra, G. Hennrich, J.O. Flores-Flores, R. Ortega-Martínez
Category: Condensed Matter

[1] viXra:1001.0048 submitted on 29 Jan 2010, (224 unique-IP downloads)

Nonlinear Optical Performance of Poled Liquid Crystalline Azo-dyes Confined in SiO2 Sonogel Films

Authors: V. Torres-Zúñiga, O. G. Morales-Saavedra, E. Rivera, J. O. Flores-Flores, J. G. Bañuelos, R. Ortega-Martínez
Category: Condensed Matter