A. Waris

[1] viXra:1507.0080 submitted on 2015-07-12 11:47:40, (149 unique-IP downloads)

A (Bash) Shell Script for Creating LATEX-based Book of Abstract in Supporting SeminarPress Application Version 1.31 (July 2015)

Authors: S. Viridi, A. Suroso, F. T. Akbar, Novitrian, T. D. K. Wungu, S. Pramuditya, D. Irwanto, N. Asiah, A. Pramutadi, K. Basar, F. D. E. Latief, S. Permana, I. D. Aditya, H. Mahardika, A. H. Aimon, A. Waris, Khairurrijal
Category: Data Structures and Algorithms