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A Novel Method to Evaluate Large Amounts of Data on Chronic Neurological Diseases and It's Consequences.

Authors: Mustafa A. Khan
Comments: 4 Pages.

ABSTRACT: Objective: The purpose of this article is to express mathematically all the available information about any chronic neurological disease, such as relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis, in such a way that all the known variables of the disease can be expressed as a function with time as one of the variables and thereby follow the disease in real time both generally and specifically in a given patient. Methods: The method consists of mapping all the known variables about any chronic neurological disease, such as relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis on a (n+1) dimensional space with time being one of the variables and deriving from this certain functions that represent the disease generally and also specifically in any given patient. Results: The results of using this method is the derivation of functions with (n+1) variables. One of the functions will represent the entire disease generically, while other functions will represent the disease in any given individual patient. Conclusions: Using this method one can derive several conclusions. These include, finding any sub-types of a chronic neurological disease, help in the prognostication of the disease course in a given patient, stratification of the treatments for the disease, selection of a treatment that is the most useful for a given patient and finally remove the need for doing long and expensive head to head clinical trials of the different treatments for a disease.
Category: Functions and Analysis