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[3] viXra:0708.0003 [pdf] submitted on 13 Aug 2007

Smarandache Geometries, Multi-Space Theory, and Neutrosophy Applied in Physics

Authors: Fu Yuhua
Comments: recovered from

The applications of Dynamic Smarandache Multi-Space (DSMS) Theory are discussed in this paper. Assume that different equations are established for n different dynamic spaces (where n is a dynamic positive integer and a function of time), and these n different dynamic spaces combine to form a DSMS, and they are mutually interacted. Some new coupled equations need to be established in the DSMS to replace some equations in the original dynamic spaces, and some other equations need to be added to account for the contact, boundary conditions and so on. For a unified treatment of all equations in the DSMS, this paper proposes a quantization process for all variables and all equations and a unified variational principle for quantization using a collocation method based on the method of weighted residuals, and we may simultaneously solve all equations in the DSMS with the optimization method. With the unified variational principle of quantization in the DSMS and the fractal quantization method, we pave a way for a unified treatment of problems in the theory of relativity and the quantum mechanics, and a unified treatment of problems related with the four fundamental interactions. Finally a coupled solution for problems of relativity and quantum mechanics is discussed.
Category: Quantum Physics

[2] viXra:0708.0002 [pdf] submitted on 11 Aug 2007

Theoretical Prediction of the Electroweak Mixing Angle

Authors: P. I. McNeall
Comments: recovered from

Ether theory naturally provides two coupling constants, and they are apparently related by the electroweak mixing angle.
Category: High Energy Particle Physics

[1] viXra:0708.0001 [pdf] submitted on 10 Aug 2007

Time is a Stream of Numerical Order of Material Change

Authors: Amrit Srecko sorli, Dusan Klinar, Davide Fiscaletti, Ptuj Slovenija
Comments: recovered from

Einstein and Godel speculated that time does not run into the universe as humans experience it. Elementary perception is confirming their preposition. One can observe in the universe only stream of material change. Time as a physical entity into which material change runs can not be observed. Time is what one measures with a clock. With a clock one measures a stream of numerical order of material change that runs into universe. One can observe time only as a stream of numerical order of material change. Space-time does not exist as a physical reality, it exists only as a mathematical model, into which one describes stream of material change that runs into universe.
Category: Relativity and Cosmology