2001 Submissions

[6] viXra:2001.0407 [pdf] submitted on 2020-01-20 17:20:57

Bipolar Vague a-Ideals of Bci-Algebras

Authors: Cicily Flora, S., Arockiarani, I., Saeid Jafari
Comments: 7 Pages.

The notion of bipolar vague A-ideals of BCI-algebra is introduced and their properties are investigated. Characterizations of bipolar vague A-ideals are given. Relationship between bipolar vague ideal and the newly defined ideals are analyzed. Moreover, we studied some equivalent conditions for bipolar vague A-ideals. Finally, we prove a result in bipolar A-ideal using bipolar vague level cut.
Category: Algebra

[5] viXra:2001.0239 [pdf] submitted on 2020-01-14 10:00:00

Fourth Power Algorithm Using Polynomials

Authors: Zeolla Gabriel
Comments: 11 Pages.

This document develops and demonstrates the discovery of a new potentiation algorithm that works absolutely with all the numbers using the formula of the square of a binomial, trinomial, tetranomial and pentanomial
Category: Algebra

[4] viXra:2001.0160 [pdf] submitted on 2020-01-09 15:09:47

Expansiviy Theory

Authors: Theophilus Agama
Comments: 44 Pages.

In this paper we introduce and develop the concept of expansivity of a tuple whose entries are elements from the polynomial ring R[x]. As an inverse problem, we examine how to recover a tuple from the expanded tuple at any given phase of expansion. We convert the celebrated Sendov conjecture concerning the distribution of zeros of polynomials and their critical points into this language and prove some weak variants of this conjecture. We also apply this to the existence of solutions to differential equations. In particular, we show that a certain system of differential equation has no non-trivial solution.
Category: Algebra

[3] viXra:2001.0067 [pdf] submitted on 2020-01-05 00:46:10

A Problem in Set Theory

Authors: Henry Wong
Comments: 2 Pages.

An addendum to set theory.
Category: Algebra

[2] viXra:2001.0035 [pdf] submitted on 2020-01-03 00:59:30

On G/N ≈ (G/K)/(N/K)

Authors: Henry Wong
Comments: 1 Page.

An addendum to group theory.
Category: Algebra

[1] viXra:2001.0028 [pdf] submitted on 2020-01-03 05:31:24

New Types of Permuting N-Derivations with Their Applications on Associative Rings

Authors: Mehsin Jabel Atteya
Comments: 48 Pages.

In this article, we introduce new generators of a permuting n-derivations to improve and increase the action of usual derivation. We produce a permuting n-generalized semiderivation, a permuting n-semigeneralized semiderivation, a permuting n-antisemigeneralized semiderivation and a permuting skew n-antisemigeneralized semiderivation of non-empty rings with their applications. Actually, we study the behaviour of those types and present their results of semiprime ring R. Examples of various results have also been included. That is, many of the branches of science such as business, engineering and quantum physics, which used a derivation, have the opportunity to invest them in solving their problems.
Category: Algebra