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Soft Neutrosophic Algebraic Structures and Their Generalization, Vol. 2

Authors: Mumtaz Ali, Florentin Smarandache, Muhammad Shabir
Comments: 288 Pages.

In this book, the authors define several new types of soft neutrosophic algebraic structures over neutrosophic algebraic structures and we study their generalizations. These soft neutrosophic algebraic structures are basically parameterized collections of neutrosophic sub-algebraic structures of the neutrosophic algebraic structure. An important feature of this book is that the authors introduce the soft neutrosophic group ring, soft neutrosophic semigroup ring with its generalization, and soft mixed neutrosophic N-algebraic structure over neutrosophic group ring, then the neutrosophic semigroup ring and mixed neutrosophic N-algebraic structure respectively.
Category: Algebra