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[1] viXra:1601.0024 [pdf] submitted on 2016-01-04 06:27:06

Do People Leave in Matrix? Information, Entropy, Time and Cellular-Automata

Authors: Janis Belov
Comments: 6 Pages.

The paper proves that we leave in Matrix. We show that Matrix was built by the creator. By this we solve the question how everything is built. We prove that the creator is infinite Turing machine or infinite Cellular-automaton. We show that Universe is Cellular-automaton or Turing machine too. And everything in the Universe is built as Cellular-automaton. We show that our Universe was created by “vegetative birth” from another Universe. In other words, there is an infinite Life Tree that is actually the creator itself. In other words, we show that everything is only Information, i.e. the creator. We show that there is no Time, moreover Time is the creator. So, the time is reversible. The arrow of time depends on Information entropy: if entropy increases – people leave in one world, if the entropy does not increase, in other words, no lost of information occurs – people step by step become closer to another world – the world where the creator is sensed directly. Someone can call the creator of Matrix – God. We would like to recall that Immanuel Kant tried to prove the existence of God but He did not succeed. The main reason for this is that he searched for a proof outside His own mind or His own conscience. Also, he did not take into consideration any evolutionary processes. The given paper tries to fill some gaps and show another way in understanding the reality. It is based on the existing science. In the paper we use mathematical methods in creating scientific concepts. The results are presented in the form Definition – Theorem to present them in a straightforward way. The immediate consequences of the obtained results are so that in studying the reality it is enough to develop Number Theory, Poetry, Art and other Sciences that are based on the Nature and Inner World of a person. We also give a simple solution for Yang-Mills Mass gap problem: there is no time and mass has no sense since it was invented artificially as an approximation of reality.
Category: Artificial Intelligence