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[1] viXra:1107.0050 [pdf] submitted on 24 Jul 2011

A Methods of Neutrosophic Logia to Answer Queries in Relational Database

Authors: Smita Rajpal, M.N. Doja, Ranjit Biswas
Comments: 10 pages

Today Databases are Deterministic. An item belongs to the database is a probabilistic event, or a tuple is an answer to the query is a probabilistic event and it can be extended to all data models. Here we will discuss probabilistic relational data. Probabilistic relational Data are defined in two ways, Database is deterministic and Query answers are probabilistic or Database is probabilistic and Query answers are probabilistic. Probabilistic relational databases have been studied from the late 80's until today. But today Application Need to manage imprecision's in data. Imprecision can be of many types: non-matching data values, imprecise queries, inconsistent data, misaligned schemas, etc.
Category: Artificial Intelligence