Quantum Physics


The Higgs field and the Grid Dimensions

Authors: Eran Sinbar

The Higgs boson (or Higgs particle), that was confirmed on 2012 in the ATLAS detector at CERN is supposed to be a quantum excitation of the condensate field which fills our universe and is responsible for the mass of elementary particles and is named the Higgs field. In this paper I will explain why this Higgs field is part of new dimensions which I refer to as the Grid extra dimensions (or grid dimensions). This paper will explain what are the expected measurements regarding the Higgs boson (particle) based on this assumption. In this paper I will show what will be the future measured evidence that the Higgs particle measured at the particle accelerators is a quantum excitation of the Grid dimensions themselves. This exciting evidence will enable us for the first time to probe new dimensions and open our perspectives to accept the option of extra dimensions and many worlds staggered within our known universe. This understanding might enable future communication through these dimensions between the staggered worlds themselves. Modern Physics has two leading theories that contradict each other: (1) The Einstein’s deterministic, local “smooth” General Relativity theory for the large scale with the relativistic behavior and the limitation on the speed of light in all the inertial reference frames. (2) Quantum theory with the quantized characteristics, non-local Schrodinger wave equations with its probabilistic behavior and the collapse of the wave function or the many worlds interpretation of Hugh Everett. The Heisenberg uncertainty principle which is dependent on the Planck constant, the photonic energy which is dependent on Planck constant, the chaotic behavior of physics below the Planck length and Planck time, the non-local behavior of entanglement, the delayed choice quantum eraser, the Bekenstein – Hawking black hole entropy calculation and the Einstein special relativity limitation on the speed of light in all the inertial frames of reference, lead me to look for a new disruptive structure of the space-time fabric. One option is to quantize space into three dimensional “space cells” in the size of Planck length l_P in each dimension and to quantize time into time pulses (Planck time).Our understanding of time is dependent on the number of Planck pulses that we count and for each Planck pulse, a physical step in the length of Planck length can occur with a probability between zero to one. A massless photon has a probability of one to pass one Planck length for each pulse of Planck time and that is the limitation of the velocity in each frame of reference and it is defined as the speed of light. An elementary particle which has mass has a probability lower than one to pass one Planck length for each pulse of Planck time. The exciting question is what divides our fabric of space-time to these space cells and time pulses, and my assumption is that there are extra non local space time dimensions stretched like a four dimensional greed between the space cells and the time pulses. Another way to imagine the space feature of the grid dimensions is by imagining a three dimensional extra non local space in which our known three dimensional space cells are floating ,vibrating, moving, turning, flipping or rotating like ice cubes(space cells) in water (grid extra dimensions) . The probability to move from one space cell to the next for each Planck pulse of time is correlated to the mass of the elementary particle, where a photon with zero mass has a probability of one. Based on that I assume that the Higgs field is part of the extra grid dimensions. This paper will show a way to test this thesis.

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