High Energy Particle Physics


How Newton's Original Formulae May Indeed Propose Causal Violtions of Future Space

Authors: Soerivhe Iriene

In http://vixra.org/abs/1812.0412 it was proposed by Eason that the Axes hypotehesis that was proposed by the Dr Axes in 1953, extending the original gdeanken expiriment by Golholofornes in 1931, could lead to hypertachyonic motion. He proposed that this result could imply forward (directoed) motion in time. This conclusion was wrong, but the key idea was there. Herw we correct the result.

In the Eason paper hypertachyonic motion was contructed for an n-dimensional field with metric that was negatively curved with general torsion field terms. This geormtry was intersting but not real life of 4d FRLW space. The key was that the newly defined Stress-Energy tensor has had Kaehler-extended terms (in n-dimensions). We have know since Kaluza and Klein how to we may construct 4d gauge fields from hyperdimensional space (with hyperdimensional fields) by a process called "compactification". This same can be done, but obviously we will also see extra fields not seen in real. Here we present a novel idea that the oroginal paper did not present: that if the terms are first U-dalitied to an uplifted space, and we manually enforce a gauge condition: \int \Lambda_\mu F^\mu d\z (where z is the uplift radial directioin) then a complete description of our real 4d world physics can be obtained. This condition is interprested as a condition that says that certain causal loops of physical process are integrated out (essentially, not allowed), so we can terms-by-terms cancel the supefluous interactions and retrieve our real 4d world. The restul is that we have a 4d space with modified masses (hypermasses) and light-like interactions of gravity and electyricy and magnetism; but certain forward paths in the space-like regions of light cone are pemisible (in the sense that the expectation value of space-like terms is non-zero).

For a long time it was not understood how closed time-like loops could be allowed by Gerneral Relativiity. In this paper is it showed how this condtition can be enforced naturally and the result is that only forward directed loops are in fact possible, but that general closed time-like violating causal loops are suppressed. This is a major result of the theorem. The implications of this result are far-reaching. For example, there are possible consquences for quantum computer since forward Bell relations are required to construct the entangled quibit states. Another consequence is for Grand Unified Theorys (GUT), since the model constructed seemingly unifies the mecahnism for gravity with that for electromagnetism, the need for extended objects (string theory) or supersymmetrys (SUSY), which so far have null restult of all collider experiments, including, famously, at LHC. Let me repeat: this may possibly be a GUT theory without supersummetry, which so far has not be found even when minimal SUSY (so called MSSM) should have been see. The only logical conclustion of this paper is that indeed SUSY should not be found because it is not needed for a GUT: the LHC has found precisely the correct result. More work will be done to settle remaining open questions: chiral anomalies of the theory, horizon problem, inflation mechanism, the precise details of the GUT (along with testable predictions), off-shell virtual interactions and fadeev-popov ghost field renormalization, boundary flows at high-energy and gravity loop corrections, holographic correlations at strong coupling, consistency of Bell inequalities etc. These must all be checked for the theory to be declared correct, but it has expected that some at least may be confirmed if not all in the upcoming work.

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