High Energy Particle Physics


Piercing the Veil of Modern Physics. Part 3 & Superconductivity

Authors: DING Jian, HU Xiuqin

This article (Superconductivity chapters) as the third part of the full text, at the level of electro-ultimate particles, is the result by virtue of superconductivity to further research: 1. The electro-ultimate particle renders as the negative charge of one unit, which is a unified body. It is made up of both the ultimate particle portion of possessing one unit positive charge and the negative charge portion that renders as two units. All the mass is concentrated in the ultimate particle portion, the mass of the charge portion is equal to zero but cannot exist on its own, so it can only belong to the category of the "electro-hole". The two are the most fundamental matter and antimatter. When they meet, the process of converting into the electro-ultimate particle is annihilation. 2. It can be inferred that the ultimate particles and "being emptiness" are the most fundamental existence in reality. An ultimate particle existing in this being emptiness, around it there will be accordingly to render as the characteristics of negative charge. This is the most fundamental charge layer, but also the root cause of spin. It also means that the number of all matter and antimatter in the universe must be equal. Furthermore, the interaction between the ultimate particle and charge portion follows Lenz's law. This is the root cause of inertia. And the change of the two that there is a logical order, so there is also sure to be a time lag. This is the root cause of wave. 3. Inside every one of high-density particles, the adjacent ultimate particles are already in contact with each other closely. According to the Meissner effect, all of the charges can only be attached to the surfaces of them to moving at high speed. This is the charge layer. And each high-density particle can only possess one charge layer. 4. A high-density particle is located in a certain position of the conductor structure and only responsible for transferring charges, which is the superconducting state at the microscopic level. This means that all of those particles, entities and even celestial bodies, as long as formed only by two kinds of nuclear forces (whose essence is electromagnetic force), they themselves should be superconductors at almost all temperatures. 5. The first kind of nuclear force exists in the interior of high-density particles. There are powerful repulsive forces between the ultimate particles which are already in contact with each other. At the same time, they are also subject to the electromagnetic binding force generated by the charge layer. These powerful repulsive forces, are precisely the root cause of electromagnetic radiation. And the spin dominated by the charge layer also becomes an intrinsic property of high-density particles themselves. The result is that with the charge layer as the boundary, its inside and outside acting forces have reached a dynamic balance. This is the root cause of de Broglie's matter wave. Its internal mechanism, like a very tight tug-of-war competition, the balance point between the two sides is always in a reciprocating swing state. 6. The second kind of nuclear force is less powerful than the former. As there are shared parts between the charge layers of adjacent high-density particles, the combined action of the electric field force and superconducting electromagnetic force can also confine a certain degree of internal binding energy. The fission or decay of an atomic nucleus is related to this. 7. Inside an atomic nucleus, the main component of the gluon is the charges. Its so-called bundling function is two kinds of nuclear forces. And the quark has only one charge layer, which is formed by the charges in the gluon. Therefore, the quark is a relatively large high-density particle, whose shape is like a pile of tree roots and there are different spins at different locations. As for neutrons or protons, they themselves are two forms of the existence of quarks. 8. The single charge layer is the lack of resistance to those high-density particles or entities with positron features, which come from both the inside and outside sides at the same time. This will provide the possibility for us to reasonably control and use the nuclear energy with the highest mass-energy ratio in the universe. 9. The so-called magnetic field lines, whose essence is the electro-ultimate particles or the stream of charged particles derived therefrom. And electromagnetic radiation should be the root cause of the growth of all things. The evolution of the universe is derived from such a microscopic physical phenomenon, and from the quantitative to qualitative change results. 10. In the interior of the Earth, a great deal of electromagnetic radiation is generated at every moment. This is the root cause of our global warming and earthquakes. In which there is shorter wavelength part, that is, the main body of energy is converted into geothermal heat. And only the far infrared light with relatively longer wavelength can pass through the Earth's crust and even radiate into the space. Therefore, it can be through satellite scanning to establish the dynamic far-infrared spectrum of Earth's crust that changes over time. In this way, both the geothermal resources can be rationally utilized and it is also beneficial to prevent the occurrence of earthquakes.

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