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ZFC is Inconsistent. A Condition by Paul of Venice (1369-1429) Solves Russell's Paradox, Blocks Cantor's Diagonal Argument, and Provides a Challenge to ZFC

Authors: Thomas Colignatus

Paul of Venice (1369-1429) provides a consistency condition that resolves Russell's Paradox in naive set theory without using a theory of types. It allows a set of all sets. It also blocks the (diagonal) general proof of Cantor's Theorem (in Russell's form, for the power set). The Zermelo-Fraenkel-Axiom-of-Choice (ZFC) axioms for set theory appear to be inconsistent. They are still too lax on the notion of a well-defined set. The transfinites of ZFC may be a mirage, and a consequence of still imperfect axiomatics in ZFC for the foundations of set theory. For amendment of ZFC two alternatives are mentioned: ZFC-PV (amendment of de Axiom of Separation) or BST (Basic Set Theory).

Comments: 2 Pages. The paper refers to the book FMNAI that supersedes the paper

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