High Energy Particle Physics


Cl(16) E8 Lagrangian Aqft

Authors: Frank Dodd Tony Smith Jr

Over the past 30 years or so I have been constructing Physics Models and writing about them as can be seen on my web sites at www.valdostamuseum.com/hamsmith/
www.tony5m17h.net/ and on viXra - list at vixra.org/author/frank_dodd_tony_smith_jr 
Due to experimental observations and my learning new techniques over those 30 years my Physics Models have been in a state of evolving flux - for example, 30 years ago their basis was the Lie Algebra Spin(8), then to contain vectors and spinors it was F4, then to contain the geometry of bounded complex domains it was E6, then Real Clifford Algebras were used to describe evolution from a Void Empty Set ø, then Periodicity showed the importance of Cl(8) and tensor product Cl(8)xCl(8) = Cl(16), then E8 emerged from Cl(16) to give the structure of a realistic local E8 Lagrangian, then completion of the union of all tensor products of Cl(16) local structures produced a realistic Algebraic Quantum Field Theory (AQFT). Since my works over those 30 years have been written from various points of view it is not easy to navigate among them. This paper is being written from a single point of view (that of May 2014) in the hope that it might be easier for readers to navigate. Although the nice math of my Cl(16)-E8 model is necessary, it is not sufficient. The Cl(16)-E8 model must be consistent with experimental observations. As of now, given that most calculations are tree-level, the model is substantially so consistent. An interesting test over the 2015-2016 time frame will be whether or not the LHC sees two additional Higgs mass states with cross section about 20% of that of a full Standard Model Higgs. V2 adds details about Cl(Cl(1,3)) and Cl(16). V3 revises and expands about transition to Quaternion structure at end of inflation.V4 adds details about Quantum Consciousness and E8. V5 adds more about E8 Lagrangian structure. V6 revises Root Vectors for Standard Model and for Gravity-Dark Energy. V7 adds detail and revises Root Vectors for SpaceTime and First-Generation Fermion Particles and AntiParticles. V8 adds more about emergence of AQFT from Completion of Union of Tensor Products of Local Lagrangian Cl(16). V9 adds more about the 3-state Higgs-Tquark System. V10 (vA) adds chapter on 600-cell geometry. V11 (vB) and V12 (vC) revise and expand chapter on 600-cell geometry. V13 (vD) clarifies Planck mass and adds Ghost material. V14 (vE) shows relationship between SU(2) weak force and Chiral projective twistor CP3. V15 (vF) revises some graphics and adds comparison with Garrett Lisi E8 model. V16 (vG) adds about second shell of E8 lattice, Dixon XY product, and Leech lattice, and about Mendel Sachs calculation of muon and Tquark masses.

Comments: 210 Pages.

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