Classical Physics


"Emission & Regeneration" Unified Field Theory

Authors: Osvaldo Domann

The Standard Model (SM) defines for each force a different field resulting the electric, magnetic, weak, strong and gravitation fields. Based on a space-like representation of Subatomic Particles (SPs) as Focal Points of rays of Fundamental Particles (FPs) that extend up to infinity, a theory is presented where all known forces are derived from one single field. The main finding of the approach is that many concepts introduced by the SM like Gluons, Gravitons, dark mater, dark energy, expansion of the universe, equivalence principle, etc. are simply fictitious entities which are the result of the unphysical point-like representation of Subatomic Particles.

Comments: 69 Pages. Copyright. The content of the present work, its ideas, axioms, postulates, definitions, derivations, results, findings, etc., can be reproduced only by making clear reference to the author.

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