Dwarf Galaxies and Their Relation with Dark Matter Based Galaxy Anchor Black Holes (Gabhs).

Authors: Leo Vuyk

According to Quantum FFF Theory, the FORM and MICROSTRUCTURE of elementary particles, is supposed to be the origin of FUNCTIONAL differences between Higgs- Graviton- Photon- and Fermion particles. As a result, a NEW splitting, accelerating and pairing MASSLESS dual Black Hole system seems to be able to convert vacuum energy (ZPE) efficiently into real electric energy by entropy decrease (nuclear electric potential) and is responsible for all dark matter in the universe. The electric energy production of Stellar Anchor Black Holes (SABHs) and Galaxy Anchor Black Holes (GABHs), seem to be able to explain quick Star- and Galaxy formation also in the early universe, Birkeland Currents, Alfven Circuits and Herbig Haro Objects. If Galaxies merge, then in contrast, the Galaxy Anchor Black Holes don’t merge, but stay as neighbouring GABHs apart outside on both sides of the equatorial disc. The Higgs vacuum oscillation energy in between such neighbouring GABHs will decrease and become polarized and charged by Birkeland alike currents. As a consequence Inter galactic Gas and even stars will become concentrated in the middle of these GABHs and are supposed to form a Dwarf Galaxy. Examples for Galaxy Anchor Black Hole effects for H-alpha streamers and electron jets are observed in the centre of Galaxy cluster and around merger galaxies.

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