Relativity and Cosmology


Inflation and TGD

Authors: Matti Pitkänen

The comparison of TGD with inflationary cosmology combined with new results about TGD inspired cosmology provides fresh insights to the relationship of TGD and standard approach and shows how TGD cures the lethal diseases of the eternal inflation. Very roughly: the replacement of the energy of the scalar field with magnetic energy replaces eternal inflation with a fractal quantum critical cosmology allowing to see more sharply the TGD counterpart of inflation and accelerating expansion as special cases of criticality. The rapid expansion periods correspond to phase transitions increasing the value of Planck constant and increasing the radius of magnetic flux tubes. This liberates magnetic energy and gives rise to radiation in turn giving rise to radiation and matter in the recent Universe just like the energy of inflaton field would give rise to radiation at the end of the inflation period in cosmic inflation. The multiverse of inflationary scenarios is replaced with the many-sheeted space-time and one can say that the laws of physics are essentially same everywhere in the sense that the fundamental symmetries are the symmetries of standard model everywhere.

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