Relativity and Cosmology


The Non-Higgs, Revised Electroweak Unification, Revised Gravitation, and Explained Dark Energy/dark Matter

Authors: Rodney Bartlett

Recently, scientists have been excited by the possibility of finding the Higgs particle and Higgs field, which is supposed to give all matter its mass. Fortunately, they’re also excited at the possibility of discovering the Higgs doesn’t exist. That could open the way for many new things in science – here I’ll attempt to describe some of these new things. There’s no Standard Model Higgs particle. You can call the following description a non-SM Higgs if you like. It has several consequences which I’ll also describe. Consequences for gravity, dark energy, the Weinberg/Glashow/Salam electroweak unification, Einstein’s Unified Field Theory … Addressing this last person, I’ll refer to submission 519 ( - “Exactly Where Dr. Einstein Went Wrong” by Glenn A. Baxter) in “Relativity and Cosmology” which refers to and the latter’s statement that “E=mc2 appears to be incorrect and also much too simplistic”. In the 4th and 5th paragraphs, I’ll suggest that the formula is not entirely mistaken but would be more correctly stated as E=m1+0 .

Comments: 7 Pages. viXra removed my superscripts. E=mc2 is, to use BASIC notation, E=mc^2. And E=m1+0 is E=m^1+0

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