Relativity and Cosmology


Three Stages of Evolutions of Spacetime/intrinsic Spacetime and Parameters/intrinsic Parameters and the Associated Hierarchies of Spacetimes/intrinsic Spacetimes and Parameters/intrinsic Parameters in a Universe. Part II.

Authors: Akindele (Adekugbe) Joseph

The hierarchy of masses/intrinsic masses of a particle or body in a hierarchy of spacetimes /intrinsic spacetimes in a universe, isolated in the first part of this paper, is extended to the hierarchies of other physical parameters/intrinsic parameters. Spacetime and intrinsic spacetime are proposed to be composed of the ponderable (or metric) gravitational components and the non-ponderable (or affine) dynamical components, and the mass and intrinsic mass of a particle or body as composed of the ponderable (or metric) gravitational components and non-ponderable (or affine) dynamical components. The constant speed of 'signals', c = 300,000 Km/s, is separated into the constant dynamical speed of electromagnetic waves, c = 300,000 Km/s in vacuo and the constant static (or gravitational) speed of gravitational waves cg = 300,000 Km/s, where cg being a static (or gravitational) speed, is not made manifest in actual translation through space of the massless graviton. The time dimension ct is likewise split into the metric static (or gravitational) component cg t and the affine dynamical component c t. The static (or gravitational) speed of gravitational waves cg is incorporated into the gravitational local Lorentz transformation (GLLT)in the context of the theory of gravitational relativity (TGR) on flat spacetime and the absolute intrinsic line element, absolute intrinsic metric tensor and absolute intrinsic Ricci tensor of the metric theory of absolute intrinsic gravity (MAIG) on curved 'two-dimensional' absolute intrinsic spacetime in every gravitational field of the present theory, developed in a previous paper, while the dynamical speed c of electromagnetic waves should appear in local Lorentz transformation (LLT) of the special theory of relativity (SR), derived on flat spacetime in an external gravitational field in the present theory.

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