High Energy Particle Physics


The Higgs Boson and the Weak Force IVBs: Part V

Authors: John A. Gowan

The IVBs (Intermediate Vector Bosons) are the field vectors (force carriers) of the weak force. The IVBs reconstitute (or revisit) the very energy dense, early metric of spacetime (during the "Big Bang"), and their mass is the probable consequence of the binding energy necessary to condense, compact, and/or convolute the spacetime metric to a particular symmetric energy state, defined by a specific force-unification era (such as the Electroweak Era, for instance), with a specific energy density and temperature. Originally, the "W" IVBs were indistinguishable from the early dense metric of which they were a part - the energy level of electroweak unification. The "Electroweak Era" (EW) existed from 10(-12) to 10(-35) seconds after the Big Bang, when collision energy exceeded 100 GEV and the temperature exceeded 10(15) Kelvins. During this time (a tiny fraction of a second in human terms) the whole of spacetime - the whole Cosmos - was in effect a single huge "W" IVB within which all the transitions of "identity" within the lepton family of particles (including the heavy leptons), and all the transitions of "flavor" within the quark family of particles (including quarks of the heavy baryons or "hyperons"), could take place freely without restriction or energy barriers (during the EW Era, quark and lepton families were unified among themselves, but quarks remained separate from leptons.) (See: Brian Greene: "The Fabric of the Cosmos", page 270, Knopf, 2004.)

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